Executive Search: The Best Entry Role in Tech?

Founders Keepers is an executive search firm, connecting great talent with the world’s most disruptive companies.

Getting to grips with Executive Search

Every organisation wants access to the best talent; people who have the skillset hit the ground running and have an impact from day one. However, the shortage of workers with key skills, such as CTO roles where a blend of technical ability and leadership experience is crucial, has reached critical levels. Two-thirds (66%) of digital leaders in the UK are now unable to keep up with their growth ambitions due to a lack of talent. In this context, the services of executive search become invaluable.

Beginning your career in Tech

Two of the best things you can do early in your career are to 1/ get the broadest perspective possible of the area you’re interested in, and 2/ meet people in this space to understand how different roles slot into the wider landscape.

“Where do I want to go with my career? … Then how might I package myself up to best be framed in this context?”

You may not have had work experience or summer internships, but there’s a narrative you can weave together about the choices you’ve made, the subjects you’ve chosen, the books you’ve read, the projects you’ve got involved in, and the side hustles you have. Working in Exec Search exposes you to the good, the bad, and the ugly of self-branding. And once you know what good looks like, it’s an underrated firepower that will stay with you throughout your career.

An array of Founders Keepers’ clients

And these are the traits FK looks for:

  1. Hunger to learn: For Analyst positions, Founders Keepers don’t expect any previous experience. It hires people who are ambitious and have a passion for learning. If you’re interested in tech and have a willingness to get stuck in — Founders Keepers would love to hear from you.
  2. Curiosity: In the world of Exec Search, one minute you could be learning about FinTech, and the next diving deep into the web3 wormhole. Curiosity is the key driver that motivates the top performers to go the extra mile and quickly get to grips with a new industry.
  3. EQ: The FK team are collaborators. That’s because the people who really thrive in this industry are relationship builders. Those excited by creating authentic connections, both within their own teams, with their clients, and the wider ecosystem.
  4. Humility: The team are always learning from one another and from their clients — having humility and knowing what you still have to learn enables them to continuously improve and perform at the top of their game.
  5. Good sense of humour: Founders Keepers deals with people! The ability to spark a wry smile on a colleague’s face can keep spirits going when faced with a tough challenge.



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Brent Hoberman

Brent Hoberman


Supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey via the Founders Forum Group: ff.co. Previously co-founded two unicorns — Lastminute.com and Made.com.