View from the VC: four key founder qualities that transfix the world’s best investors.

Brent Hoberman & Liv Price

firstminute capital is a London-based $315m seed fund backed by 120+ unicorn founders.

Often, the traits required for founders to build an early-stage company are not the same qualities needed to take the same business to serious scale.

firstminute’s 2021 Founder Away Day saw Founders from all our portfolio companies gather to reflect, challenge and inspire.

firstminute capital is a $315m AUM seed fund backed by 100+ unicorn founders and star CEOs.

We partner with founders at pre-seed and seed stage, investing primarily in Europe and then the rest of the world. Our ticket size ranges from $250k to $5m. Our team comprises 20 operators and investors from the likes of Index Ventures, DeepMind, Monzo, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and more — sitting across London and Berlin.



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Brent Hoberman

Brent Hoberman


Supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey via the Founders Forum Group: Previously co-founded two unicorns — and